Flooring Products Offer More Variety Than Ever Before

In the past, a homeowner’s flooring options were limited. There were a few hardwood types that were popular, limited varieties of carpeting, ceramic tile and linoleum. But due to technology advancements and broad imaginations by manufacturers, flooring options are now nearly limitless. With such a variety of options, the homeowner should familiarize himself or herself with the products for residential flooring colorado that are on the market today.

Carpet has seen improvement in durability and stain resistance due to updated manufacturing methods. New carpet products outlast those made in previous decades. It is easier to clean and maintain. It remains a popular choice for those seeking the soft feel and warmth provided.

Hardwood flooring comes in a wider array of options than in the past. Solid oak and maple flooring is still popular but different woods and styles are available today. Exotic species such as bamboo and tiger wood have become available at a reasonable cost. For different looks, variations in plank length and width are more common today.

Simulated wood products such as engineered hardwood and laminate have become a solid choice since entering the market. Engineered flooring uses a thin strip of hardwood adhered to a plywood base. Laminate simulates hardwood and can be indistinguishable in appearance. In both cases, the finish is applied at the factory using heat and pressure. When applied, the finish could be the most durable of any product on the market.

Ceramic and porcelain tile come in more varieties than thought possible in the past. Modern tile is now created to simulate many natural stones such as granite and marble. The newest products simulate hardwood flooring, but are more water resistant. A quality tile floor can last the lifetime of the home with minimal maintenance.

Even vinyl sheets and tiles have seen improvements in durability. New patterns in vinyl simulate wood grain or natural stone. The non abrasive surface of vinyl remains easy to clean. Composite finishes composed of polymers and aluminum oxide ensure the factory finish will last for years.