Keeping Your Septic System Clean and Functional

One of the things that you’re going to have to maintain regarding your home is the septic system. There are certain items that you should avoid putting down the drains and the toilet in order to keep the septic system operating as it should. One way that you can keep the system maintained is to have a professional service pump the tank at least every few years.

When you have any residential septic tank cleaning madison wi company come to your home, then you won’t have to worry about locating the tank or ensuring how the tank is cleaned. The technician who arrives at the home has the proper equipment to find the top of the tank so that it can be removed. All the hoses and the other supplies that are needed are on the waste truck when it arrives so that the debris from the tank can be removed in a short time. It’s better to schedule routine cleanings before you notice any signs that the tank could be full so that you’re not dealing with overflowing toilets or sinks that won’t drain.

Another way that you can maintain your septic system is to use products that can destroy the bacteria in the tank. Most can be purchased at hardware or retail stores. You can also ask the septic cleaning company to use bacterial products that can be placed directly in the tank after it’s pumped. The bacteria will work to keep waste broken down so that it flows through the septic system with ease. You should try to use these products about once a month, more often if you have multiple bathrooms or if you use the sinks in your home a bit more often than average.

If you want to further protect your septic system, then consider installing a filter near the tank or near the drains. These filters can trap some of the larger products that flow through the system so that everything doesn’t end up getting clogged in the drains in your home. The filter can also keep the larger products in the septic tank so that your overall system can stay functional. Think about a septic filter as a coffee filter.

One of the things that you can do to prevent too much water from flowing through your system is to wash clothes every few days instead of every day or multiple loads a day. Try to locate where the key features of your septic tank are located so that you can let a professional company know or so that you can locate these features if there is a problem with the septic system that needs to be addressed. Consider installing low-flush toilets and showerheads that don’t use as much water. These features will decrease the amount of water that flows through the pipes, keeping the tank and pipes from getting clogged. Make sure you check all of the drains in your home and the pipes outside your home to ensure that there are no leaks or signs of damage