Signs That You May Need to Call a Roofer

The roof of a house is exposed to the outdoor elements more so than the rest of the home. Denver Colorado has elements like snow, wind, rain, and the hot sun which can affect the structure of a home’s roof and cause damage both suddenly and over time. Depending on where you live the weather will affect roofs differently throughout the country but when climate and the elements have become detrimental to your home’s roof it may be time to call a roof contractor. The weather in Denver Colorado isn’t overly harsh on a regular basis, Denver has warm summers, snowy winters, and light humidity. Apart from snow the Denver Area has its share of thunderstorms which over time can cause damage to a home’s roof. Here are a few signs to look out for on your roof which may require a roofing contractor denver, co to fix or replace.

The age of your home and roof is a key factor, it’s best to know whether or not the roof has ever been replaced. Make sure to check the rooftop and inside the attic for materials that look damaged or aged. Brittle or cracked wood, loose or missing hardware, and any material that looks like it may have mold on it are definite warning signs that you may need to contact a roofing contractor for repairs. If your home’s roof has clay tiles on it be sure to check for any damaged tiles, missing tiles, or tiles that have become loose. If the roof utilizes shingles check for melted tar, very thin tar, or torn tar barely keeping the shingles together. If you see extensive or concerning damage or any signs of an aged roof contact a roofing contractor to fix the problems or at the least get an estimate.

Flat roofs can often collect debris on them causing water to collect on the roof. Occasionally checking your rooftop for any accumulation of twigs, leaves, pine needles, or really anything that doesn’t belong on the roof is a good idea. These objects can cause water to collect on a flat roof which can cause that water to eventually seep through. Water leaking in can create mold and can be the cause of a lot of problems to a roof. Many times mold develops in spots that aren’t clearly visible at first glance. Keeping the roof clear of any objects is just one preventative measure you can take in ensuring your roof stays structurally sound. If you notice damage caused by debris on your roof be sure to call a roofing contractor to see what needs to be repaired.

Attached or previously attached structures to your roof can also be a cause of damage. Check roof vents, seals, flashing, and around chimneys or any other structures for damage, water can trickle through such structures and create interior roof damage. Contact a Denver roofing contractor if you see any visible damage to your roof or have suspicions of underlying damage. Most roofers do free estimates as a part of their business and can list the extent of the damage to your roof.